U.S. Green Seal Select Multifold Premium Paper Hand Towels (6-250ct Sleeves)

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1,500 Select Grade Multifold Paper Towels

Renown select grade is a 100% recycled white paper towel that is lightly "quilted" and perfect for HealthyShelf® single sheet hand towel dispenser!

Today, "green" is an approach to purchasing products and services that creates a healthy living and working environment.

As a result, homeowners, property managers and government agencies are seeking to incorporate environmental considerations in their buying decisions.
Simply stated, they want a healthier environment for their families, tenants, citizens, and employees.

Many commercial buildings and properties, lodging and hotel operations,
and government facilities have mandates or policies to be "green."

These towels are certified products that can help you achieve green status.
When you buy US Green Seal® the following healthy benefits are assured:

  • 100% Recycled (recovered after paper making process)
  • Minimum 40% post-consumer wastepaper content (EPA guidelines).
  • Wastepaper is not de-inked using solvents containing chlorine or any other chemicals or compounds harmful to the environment.
  • Wastepaper is not bleached using chlorine or any of its derivatives such as hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide.
  • Paper towels do not contain any added pigments, inks, dyes or fragrances.
  • Made in accordance with reasonable industry practice with respect to holes, tears, wrinkles, cleanliness, foreign materials or dirt.

Each paper towel, unfolded, is 9.125" x 9.5" inches (23.18 cm x 24.13 cm) of softly quilted, absorbent material. Their fold is designed to dispense one at a time, while bringing the next towel forward for another user. 

Renown select grade paper towels create a hygienic, high-end bathroom experience - a must for your home or business.