IN STOCK NOW: High quality ABS plastic Healthy Shelf with 100 FREE M-fold Towels

Healthy Shelf FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about  Healthy Shelf™

What are the dimensions of the shelves?
15” Wide  x 6” Front-to-Wall x 4” Tall (top outside)
11" Wide x 3.5" Front-to-Wall x 3.5" Deep (bottom inside)
Opening across bottom where towels dispense is 9.5"

How much does the product weigh?
Healthy Shelf Traditional style MDF towel dispenser weighs 2.38 lbs.  The Contemporary style weighs slightly more at 2.5 lbs.
What is the product made of?
Healthy Shelf Towel Dispensers and Healthy Shelf Towel & Wipe Dispensers are made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Medium density fiberboard is a wood product made from refined wood fibers combined with resin, which are bonded together under heat and pressure. The durable construction of MDF resists warping, cracking and splitting. Some of the more common uses of MDF include furniture, cabinetry, millwork, store fixtures and laminate flooring.

What colors are available?
White, Espresso Brown, Black, Honey Gold, Chestnut Brown, Fashion Grey,  and Medium-Dark Cherry finishes are production colors.  From time to time we introduce a new color in limited quantities. If you have a large quantity order we can customize your color.
Can Healthy Shelf be painted?
Properly primed, Healthy Shelf can be custom painted to match any décor.  While we recommend seeking a professional specializing in cabinetry or furniture,  you can also do it yourself and may want to consult a paint expert at Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Home Depot, Lowe’s or other retail locations.    
How does it attach to the wall?
The shelf is easily mounted to the wall using the paper template and hanging hardware that is included. Ideally you want to put screws into a stud for more support. However, if you do not have that option, use the anchor that is provided. Be certain to leave enough space over the shelf to remove the lid and fill the base with towels.  We recommend at least 8 inches, if not a bit more.  See install video...

Drill a small hole in the wall and lightly tap in the anchor and then the screws. Leave the 1/8 of the screw tip out so you can hang the shelf easily.  See the Healthy Shelf installation video on our site or on YouTube.
How much weight will the product support?
We recommend that no more than 10 lbs of weight be placed on top of the Healthy Shelves. It is important that your shelf is properly mounted!  Mounting screws must be securely anchored to the wall.
What size towels do I need?
We suggest the multi-fold towels that are within ¼” of 9.4” x 9.4”  when unfolded. Ideally, the towels would be no more than 3.25” wide when folded so they dispense properly.   
Where do I buy the towels?
We offer high quality disposable towels including Kleenex Brand towels and Renown U.S. Green Seal® approved, 100% recycled paper towels.
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You can also purchase the standard M-fold (multi-fold) towels from Costco, Sam's Club, Office Max, Office Depot, Staples and other office supply stores.
How can a shelf be healthy?
Germs can multiply on cloth towels and spread illness.  One cell of bacteria can multiply by millions in an environment as humid as the bathroom or kitchen.  Imagine what you’re wiping your hands and face an/or dishes and tableware on! The answer to reducing the spread of germs that lead to colds and flu is to “Go Disposable!”  If trees and the environment are a concern, try our U.S. Green Seal approved select grade white paper towels.

Where is the Healthy Shelf made?
Healthy Shelf is made in Shenzhen, China.