Kleenex Brand Multifold Premium Paper Hand Towels (6-150ct Sleeves)

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6 Sleeves Kleenex Multifold Paper Towels

A soft, highly absorbent premium hand towel, designed for efficient hand-drying and less waste:  900 individual towels

Your image is important for guests or customers. Providing top-quality Kleenex multifold paper towels in your home and office bathrooms and kitchens lets your employees and guests know that you care enough to offer the very best experience.

Each paper towel, unfolded, is 9 1/5" x 9 2/5" inches (23.4 cm x 23.9 cm) of soft, absorbent material, so fewer paper towels are used creating less waste. Their fold is designed to dispense one at a time, while bringing the next towel forward for another user.  

Premium Paper Towels create a more hygienic bathroom experience - a must for your home and business. Kleenex absorbency pockets are specifically designed to be extra-absorbent which enhances drying. 

These Kleenex multifold paper towels meet EPA standards, are FSC and Eco Logo certified and feature recyclable packaging, so you can choose them confidently.