Now available in 5 popular colors - 3 new fashion colors arriving mid-November 2019

BlueJays Landing is replacing their HealthyShelf® product models with ABS plastic as the wood inventory is selling out. Individual ustomer comments as well as a good deal of interest from health care communuity customers played a large part in the decision to update the popular product.

ABS plastic is the heavy, non-toxic plastic that LEGO brand toy bricks are made of.   It is more durable than MDF wood. The new ABS units are made by 3D injection to look exactly like the older wood models. 

The new fabric and 3D injection production technology allows BlueJays Landing ultimately to offer a wider variety of colors and to deliver them to market faster.  In addition, the ABS plastic offers a longer lasting finish and is practically unbreakable. 

BlueJays Landing began converting the entire product line to ABS plastic in February this year. To date the new high quality units have been well-received in the marketplace.  They come with a starter sleeve of approximately 100 M-fold paper towels (in addition to the hanging template and hardware) and are offered at the same retail price as the MDF units.   

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